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To understand how the more and more dominating China factor affects your organisation, we support you to gain the knowledge needed for making good decisions for your China business and to better prepare you for this 21st century with Chinese characteristics.

You can also invite us to conduct an on-the-ground analysis of your own particular situation. We will use your and industry data and interview-based analyses with key members of your organisation and outside relevant opinion leaders for you to take advantage of.

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You want to or already take your clients to China? Why not ask us at The China Agenda to assist in the programme of your trip in terms of what to learn, where to go, who to speak to etc. We can also be your guide during the trip and arrange a Masterclass before you go on your study tour.

For example, we supported AXA Investment Management with their study trips to China.

In 2019 Annette Nijs, Founder of The China Agenda, will lead the Silk Road Academic Travel Tour of the NRC Academy of the Dutch evening newspaper the NRC.  

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The China Agenda has developed an innovative method to help you to tackle your China challenges. We visit your company to first better understand your China challenges. Subsequently, we develop a real-life case study, which we use in the workshop to find alternative solutions for your China challenges.

During the workshop the participants engage with each other to explore alternative managerial decisions, they would propose to address the China challenges of your organisation.

At the end of the workshop the participants and invited guests - executives of your organisation, clients, suppliers or other stakeholders - can deliberate about the best resolution to the China challenges.

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You may want your team to be more savvy about China. Why not contact us at The China Agenda? We will meet you to discuss your precise interest and goal. We will develop your own Masterclass, which will allow your team to directly link and apply the learning your organisation's needs.

You are used to organise customer or suppliers events? Why not reach out to The China Agenda? Tell us your China topic of choice and Annette Nijs and/or other experts from our network will treat your guest on a sparkling and interesting lecture and/or conversation during your luncheon, dinner or round table.

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You may want:

  • to have our expert advice on a negotiation at hand;
  • to go over the best tactics for a pressing issue;
  • advice on your current or future China strategy
  • just a conversation to get updated on the latest on a certain China matter?

We at The China Agenda are happy to assist.

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