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Writings on China matters of the hand of Annette Nijs are insightful and well grounded. During the last 10 years when she visited China some 8-10 times a year, Annette Nijs developed her in-depth knowledge. By listening and talking to her extensive corporate and government network in China she sees China through different eyes which helps in understanding how to form an opinion on China and how best to deal with Chinese.

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The shift from West to East is underway for 40 years now. At the same time, we are going through a new industrial revolution and on the geo-political level we are faced with many flash points. China is becoming a dominant factor in all these developments. On one side China is adapting to our western systems, but as its power and influence grows the global system will come to embrace more and more Chinese characteristics. The China Factoridentifies the Chinese characteristics that will shape our global future. Several case studies of co-operation between companies between East and West will be incorporated in the book.

This book is a joint venture by a unique team. Annette Nijs and renowned Dutch Trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas have different backgrounds, but for this occasion they blend their knowledge, experience and creativity.

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The China Factor, Towards a Century with Chinese Characteristics
Publication date: March 2019


Wilt u mijn boek China met Andere Ogen lezen?

China met Andere Ogen geeft aan hoe en waarom China wereldwijd van doorslaggevend belang wordt voor zakelijk succes én persoonlijk geluk in de 21ste eeuw - vanwege de eeuwenoude Chinese cultuur maar ook door het eigentijdse China. Niet alleen op internationaal en economisch, maar ook op politiek, sociaal en cultureel gebied.

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