The China Factor

The shift from West to East is underway for 40 years now. At the same time, we are going through a new industrial revolution and on the geo-political level we are faced with many flash points. China is becoming a dominant factor in all these developments.

On one side China is adapting to our western systems, but as its power and influence grows the global system will come to embrace more and more Chinese characteristics. The China Factor identifies the Chinese characteristics that will shape our global future. Several case studies of co-operation between companies between East and West will be incorporated in the book.

This book is a joint venture by a unique team. Annette Nijs and renowned Dutch Trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas have different backgrounds, but for this occasion they blend their knowledge, experience and creativity.

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For anyone and any organisation, who is interested in and maybe even concerned about China and who wants to gain a deeper understanding we created 'The China Agenda' and 'The China Agenda Weekly' two on-line publications with the high lights of China news, further insights and commentary. What is and who sets The China Agenda? How does it influence our global governance, our economy and competition in business? How best to relate to The China Agenda?

In everything we do, we use the same approach: we analyse The China Agenda. Whether we assist in finding a solution for a particular challenge related to China, we watch the moves of the China government, we review the competitive game played by Chinese multinational and local firms, we support entrepreneurs in growing their China business or want to have a deep understanding of an issue, we always make sure that we determine the specific China characteristics at work and identify how they influence the topic of interest or the situation at hand.

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Surprising, full of new insights, appealing to the imagination. A key-note speech at your congress or a lecture for your own network: Annette Nijs is always surprising. Annette is a master in giving new insights to her audience, also to those who have been operating internationally for years, even in China.

Her many real-life examples - in image and sound - and interactive approach appeal to the imagination of the audience and often encourage them to explore the merits of different opinions and to discover new opportunities.

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